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Save time & money on every shipment

Transform your delivery process from Manual, Opaque & Fragmented to Automated, Transparent & Collaborative.

Our Promise.

Our solutions are designed to be collaborative, simple, intelligent and affordable for all users. We deliver:

Complete Visibility

Achieve end-to-end, real-time visibility across all steps & stakeholders for every order.

Intelligent Insights

Generate usable insights from the mountain of data. Eliminate noise to work smartly.

Lower Costs

Improve your bottom line by reducing operational and system costs.

Higher ROI

Get higher ROI and value delivery from every penny invested in Graviti.


Collaborate with everyone

Connect transporters, customers, sales, dispatch & finance teams to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Unlock efficiency, drive productivity & enhance customer experience with Graviti.

Automate every part of the order

1 - click order generation

Simplify order creation via bulk upload or ERP integration. Either way, no more phone calls and messages.

Simple vehicle assignment

Assign vehicles to orders with 2 clicks. Stop back and forth calls & messages.

Seamless vehicle dispatch

Create digital LR & dispatch vehicle instantly. No need to wait for physical LR creation.

Multi-modal vehicle tracking

Automatically track vehicle location via driver's SIM, phone or GPS.

No more phone calls & panic situations.

Seamless delivery confirmation

Get real-time Proof of Delivery (POD) sent to all stakeholders. No need to wait for days.

Automated invoicing & reconciliation

Automate freight invoice creation & reconciliation. Stop spending time on excel, emails & printouts.

One interface for all transportation flows

Simple A - B



Implement in days, not months

Stop worrying about failed software implementations by experiencing the power of GuidePath.

Our professional team will guide you through onboarding process, bringing together systems, processes, and people for seamless implementation.


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